Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT)

Integrative Manual Therapy is an advanced form of hands-on therapy that focuses on restoring normal function to tissues damaged by trauma, inflammation, improper nutrition, overuse, infection and other causes. With the use of hundreds of different manual techniques, an IMT therapist can zero in on the primary dysfunction and trace it back to its original source – handling each issue as it surfaces. By feeling and following the subtle rhythms of the body’s tissues, the IMT therapist can reduce constrictions in tissues, allowing the body’s natural healing ability to do its job the way it’s supposed to.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a productive tool in treating acute pain, chronic degenerative conditions, and muscle, tendon and ligament injuries. It stimulates cellular activity to improve the speed and quality of healing. Non-invasive and non-toxic, laser therapy serves as a complement to surgery and/or pharmaceuticals, and in some cases can even replace them.

Hand Therapy Program

Hand therapy is “the art and science of rehabilitation of ... the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder girdle”. It is used to treat a number of conditions including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures, sprains, joint dysfunctions, soft tissue trauma and more. Performed by an occupational therapist certified in hand therapy, the techniques are geared to help hard-to-treat patients relieve pain and regain strength and mobility.


Kinesiotape is used to treat a variety of orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions. It is used to reduce pain, prevent injury and optimize performance. It also supports and stabilizes muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion. With a texture and elasticity very close to human skin, Kinesiotape stretches and recoils to augment and protect tissue function and increase circulation. It distributes pressure away from injured or inflamed areas so they can heal.

Sole SupportsTM Foot Orthotics

Because foot function affects the health and function of your back, knees, and hips, proper mechanical foot function can prevent pain in these areas too. Optimal Physical Therapy uses only Sole Supports TM true custom, biomechanical foot orthotics because they provide full, custom and corrected arch support so feet can move in a biomechanically correct way. Placed inside footwear these orthotics actually change the way your foot works. For more more information about sole supports, visit their website

InBody Testing

Monitoring your weight is not enough to be healthy, and in some cases it can be very frustrating. It can also be misleading because your weight doesn't begin to tell your whole story. The InBody Test reveals your percentage of body fat, muscle distribution and body water balance. Knowing these components is key to understanding your body and creating the right diet, lifestyle and fitness program for you. Your first InBody Test gives you a valuable baseline, and regular subsequent tests help you track your progress in achieving your health and fitness goals.

Health and Wellness

We believe in listening to you and taking the time to find the root cause of your complaints. We offer comprehensive evaluations to assess your overall wellness and pinpoint root causes of your health problems, including fatigue, joint pain, headaches, weight gain and digestive issues. Testing includes:

  • Interpretation of physiologic testing to assess nutrient status, hormone levels, and infections
  • Assessment of genetic potential in order to develop an optimal individualized exercise, diet and supplement program
  • Body composition testing to monitor body fat and muscle mass changes throughout the program

Based on test results, we will design a personalized program comprised of Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT), diet and supplements, exercises, and lifestyle recommendations. Wellness testing allows us to find long-term solutions to your health concerns so that you can look and feel better than you ever thought possible.

STAR Program Cancer Rehab

Cancer and cancer treatments sometimes cause problems. They can cause you pain, make you feel tired and keep you from doing the things that you need or want to do. Cancer rehabilitation can help. Our goal is to reduce these troubling effects and help you have the best quality of life possible.

This program is part of the STAR Program network of certified cancer rehabilitation providers. We can help you cope with a wide variety of cancer and/ or treatment-related conditions and their symptoms. These might include, but are not limited to, pain, weakness, tiredness (fatigue), shoulder problems, balance and walking (gait) problems, memory and concentration issues, and swelling (lymphedema).

If you have any problems that you didn’t have before your cancer diagnosis, especially if they interfere with your ability to do the things that you need or want to do, cancer rehabilitation can likely help you.